Diabetic Complete Care

Parameters Included: 65 Parameters

Price : 3150/- INR


4.7 / 5

A package for diabetic patients which covers their sugar along with the tests for other organs which are quite commonly impacted due to diabetes. Ideally, these tests should be done at least twice a year by every diabetic patient.

Diabetes is also considered as one of those diseases that a gigantic number of people are suffering from. However, this is fortunate that there are several symptoms of diabetes, so it is not challenging anymore to recognize an affected person. Yet, there are no specific symptoms even of this disease at the very first stage. Excess of sugar in the blood is considered as the prime reason for diabetes, although there are several more reasons.

Benefits of Diabetic Checkup

  • Detecting diabetes at the initial stage is only possible through a diabetes check-up, which can be beneficial for you.
  • Doctors can suggest you precautionary measures to be taken only after a proper health checkup.
  • Besides, a checkup can also let you know the negative impacts of diabetes that your body has already faced.

Covid Safety Assurance

Smart Lab Report

Report Time:

48 Hours

Fasting Time:

10 Hours

Test Recommended for:

Male, Female

Recommended for age:

20 to 40 Years

CBC (24 Parameters )

Blood Sugar Fasting and PP ( 6 Parameters )

HbA1c ( 2 Parameters )

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ( 1 Parameter )

Lipid Profile ( 8 Parameters )

SGPT ( 1 Parameter )

SGOT ( 1 Parameter )

SR Electrolyte (3 Parameters  )

Sr Creatinine ( 1 Parameter )

Urine Routine ( 23 Parameters )

Urine Albumin : Creat Ration ( 3 Parameters )