Healthy Youth Package

Parameters Included: 65 Parameters

Price : 3840/- INR


4.7 / 5

This full-body check-up package covers tests for your vital organs and important tests like Vitamin D for bone health, HbA1c for diabetes, thyroid profile for hormone levels, & Vitamin B12 for anemia specially designed for the young generation who understands ‘Health is Wealth’.

Screening Health today makes a better tomorrow.

Youth package is specially designed for the young. This package includes basic screening of major organs Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, Bone along with Diabetes. It is recommended for people aged 25 years and above. General tests such as Esr Test, LDH are also included. Youth package has a clear advantage of tracking any health aliment at young age. There are total 68 parameters which are screened and accurate reports are provided.

Benefits Of  Youth Checkup

  • Reduce your risk of getting sick
  • Detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases early
  • Increase chances for treatment and cure
  • Limit risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions
  • Increase lifespan and improve health
  • Reduce healthcare costs over time by avoiding costly medical services
  • Form a good partnership with the doctor so treatment can be more efficient
  • Get updated on new medical information or technologies that are available

Covid Safety Assurance

Smart Lab Report

Report Time:

48 Hours

Fasting Time:

10 Hours

Test Recommended for:

Male, Female

Recommended for age:

20 to 40 Years

CBC (24 Parameters )

Blood Sugar Random ( 3 Parameters )

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ( 1 Parameter )

Lipid Profile ( 8 Parameters )

Vitamin B12 ( 1 Parameter )

Vitamin D ( 1 Parameter )

SGPT ( 1 Parameter )

SGOT ( 1 Parameter )

SR. Creatine ( 1 Parameter ) 

SR Uric Acid ( 1 Parameter )

Urine Routine ( 23 Parameters )