Premarital Profile Package

Parameters Included: 29 Parameters

Price : 2800/- INR


4.7 / 5

Taking a Big decision of life ??
A premarital checkup is a necessary step in today’s era along with the Kundali matching to prevent further health-related complications.

Pre-Marital Check helps to prepare the to-be wed couples with both medical and educational components on one’s general and reproductive health. This package is designed to detect some of the common health problems, hereditary disorders and certain infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B etc. which may have a bearing on the fertility of the partners and/or child’s health and in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Benefits of Premarital Checkup

A premarital checkup helps the couple identify any conditions such as genetic, transmissible and infectious diseases. A marriage is the biggest event in the lives of a couple, hence they should make sure they take care of their health too along with other factors.

Covid Safety Assurance

Smart Lab Report

Report Time:

48 Hours

Fasting Time:

10 Hours

Test Recommended for:

Male, Female

Recommended for age:

20 to 40 Years

CBC (24 Parameters )

Blood Group ( 1 Parameter )

HIV ( 1 Parameter )

HbsAg ( 1 Parameter )

VDRL ( 1 Parameter )